2022 Blind Audition (Singlescreen) 2021 Trilogie (3-Channel Installation)
2020 Mixtape (Singlescreen)
2018 Karolina Control (Singlescreen)
2017 Sunday Lovers (Singlescreen, in collaboration with Gregor Brändli)
2016/17 Intime Skizzen (Singlescreen)
2014 The Making Of An Exhibition (Splitscreen or 4-Channel)
2014 Gabyrs (Singlescreen)
2014 Henneberger (Singlescreen)
2011 Einsiedler (Singlescreen, in collaboration with Patrick Meury)
2011 Bachrausch (Singelscreen, in collaboration with Aurelio Buchwalder)


2021 Masterclass (for large Ensemble) 2021 Oeil (for String Quartet)
2020 Qu'est devenu ce bel oeil (Duo)
2019 Krypta (Multichannel Installation)
2019 Tanz (for Piano, Bassclarinet and Cello)
2018 Kolik (Chamber Opera)
2018 Accelerated (for Piano solo)
2017 Nosferatu (for large Ensemble and Electronics)
2017 Charming Sleep (for Doublebass, Cello, Bassclarinet, Horn, Electronics)
2016 Came Adrift (for Orchestra)
2016 Maestro (for Horn, Violoncello and Electronic)
2015 Voiced (for Mezzosoprano, Bariton, Vibraphone and Electronic)
2015 Verstimmung (for 5 Instrumentalists)
2015 Intime Skizzen (for Piano, Viola, Violine, Violoncello, Electronic and Video)
2014 Passion (for Stringorchestra and Windquintet)
2014 Ländler 21 (for two Pianos and Playback)
2014 Enden (for Piano and Altsaxophon)
2014 Karolina (for Cello)
2014 Duane (for Stringtrio)
2013 Contaminare (for Windquintet)
2013 Caprice (for Pianotrio)
2013 Clash I (for Large Ensemble)
2013 Clash II (for Large Ensemble)
2012 Splitter (for Vibraphone, Altsax, Violine, Cello)
2012 Biest (for Piano, Percussion, Altsax, Barisax)
2012 Senza Fiato (for Octet)
2011 Snapshots und Rihmshots (for Pianotrio)
2011 Opus Fatalis (for Vinyl and CD)
2011 Scalpello Nero (Soundinstallation)

Compositions for Theater / Radio Plays

2015 "... mit dem Siegel der Justiz" (SWR2, (Dir): Claude Salmony)
2014 Kasimir und Karoline (Theater Basel, with Lukas Huber, (Dir) Ulrike Quade)
2014 Schildkrötensoldat (Theater Basel, with Lukas Huber, (Dir) Patrick Gusset)
2013 Parade (Kaserne Basel, with Lukas Huber, (Dir) Fabian Chiquet)
2013 Beschreibung eines Kampfes (SRF, (Dir): Claude Salmony)